As many consumers know, the open enrollment period has started today and will run until January 31st, 2017. There are some important items that you should remember as you look to renew or purchase a plan for January 1, 2017.

  • DEADLINE for 1/1/17 effective dates is 12/15/16. If you do not submit a change or a new application by 12/15 you will not get a 1/1 effective date, it would be pushed off until 2/1 or 3/1.


  • If you are ON EXCHANGE and purchased a policy through the exchange, please read carefully. If you like your policy, you want to keep it, accept your renewal and you have no life or income changes to report: YOU DO NOT NEED TO CONTACT THE MARKETPLACE. Your policy will automatically renew on 1/1/17.



  • Carrier and plan options may be more limited in 2017. Many carriers have dropped out of the individual marketplace due to the volatility of the current market. Some individuals will be limited on their choices depending on where you live.


  • PLEASE BE AWARE of what you are purchasing. Many carriers have adapted plans and you now more than ever need to know what plan you are purchasing. Benefits, networks, premiums are all important things to consider.



  • For those still on “TRANSITIONAL PLANS” or “GRANDMOTHERED” plans, you can keep them for one more year until the end of 2017. In most cases it makes sense to keep those plans in place as long as you can as benefits and rates have changed.


  • For those consumers currently without a broker / agent, now is the time to appoint an advisor such as MCC to help. This is a free service to you the consumer, you do not get a lower premium by not having an agent. We are here to help!


Utilizing the professional services of a broker / agent such as MCC can ensure a smooth process in purchasing or renewing your healthcare plan. Contact us today and let MCC be your advocate!


Jason P. Coleman, CEO

Managed Care Consultants, Inc.