(UPDATED) IRS announces 2018 HSA and HDHP limits

In March 2018, the IRS released guidelines that the HSA limits would be lowered slightly from the original 2018 projections. However, this decision was recalculated a month later stating it would accept the original projections for HSA contribution limits. The original contributions for 2018 are accurate and will vary depending on your current health coverage. Please see below:

Single - $3,450  (increase of $50 from 2017)

Family - $6,900 (increase of $150 from 2017)

Catch Up (55 & older) - $1,000  (same as 2017)


HDHP limits have all remained the same for 2018. Please see below:

Single Deductible - $1,350

Family Deductible - $2,700

Single MOOP - $6,650 (max out of pocket)

Family MOOP - $13,300 (max out of pocket)


If consumers have questions about their HSA policy or are interested in participating in an HSA policy, please contact MCC today. We can provide you or your business with the expert guidance that is needed in today’s employee benefits climate.


Jason P. Coleman, CEO

Managed Care Consultants, Inc.