Family owned and operated since 1993. 

Managed Care Consultants, Inc. was founded in 1993 by William “Bill” Coleman (1946-2015). The business has evolved over the years with the changing climate of healthcare in the US and Bill established an expert reputation in the industry for himself and MCC, Inc. Bill’s background included 13 years as a Human Resource Director followed by 20 years as an Employee Benefit Consultant. Two of these 13 years were spent as the Vice President and General Manager of a Third Party Claims Administrator. Bill was a founding member of the Health Action Council of Northeast Ohio. He also served as Chairman of the Ohio Health Action Council for four years. In this capacity, he represented Ohio business' views to the Ohio Legislature on matters of health care cost containment. Bill had been instrumental in the establishment of several PPOs around the US and had extensive experience with numerous self-insured employers, unions, and PPOs. Bill authored articles on various aspects of managed care and employee benefits. Bill was a driving force behind MCC, Inc.; his vision and expertise are continued today.